Apr. 6, 2017

Albion Online, as one of the most popular MMORPGs. In the meantime, It also promotes game peripherals and even virtual currency market. Choosing a reliable albion online gold selling site is important, and here are some experience shared by an Albion Online player on how to choose a reliable albion online gold seller.

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Mar. 24, 2017

Albion Online is a free to play sandbox game will be available later on in the year and will be a cross platform, meaning it will available on MACs, Linux, Windows and Android devices.

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Mar. 17, 2017

Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It's a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world.

In Albion Online you have to build houses and crops, trade settlements create and seize new lands, which are the economic features of the game. You can participate in crafting, join a guild, and so on. Albion Online stand out from other games in the system economic development, levels of interaction, as well as the expertise of the exciting features of the character.

Albion Online gold is very important in the game, since you need it for buying valuable materials or items, strengthening your weapons and accessories, and saving your grinding time. I will give some tips and guide for gold farming.

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Mar. 2, 2017

Albion Online is a free to play sandbox MMO currently in development. The game has potential to be something new and interesting in a stale MMO genre but there are also a few things that have the potential to ruin the game for most people – notably the potential for the game to be quite pay 2 win.

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